Since before we started farming our own land, we have been dreaming of a greenhouse - a large, heated space where seedlings can get started while there is still snow on the ground, where crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers can thrive, and where greens can stay ready for harvest even when the snow has started falling again.

Over time, we have gotten more and more excited about adding a greenhouse to our garden, because you have let us now how much you would like to eat what it could produce!

Last fall, while baby Callum slept peacefully and watched curiously from his carseat, we began work on the project. With help from friends and neighbours the frame for a 27 x 100 foot greenhouse finally went up! Now, we are working on getting it covered, heated, set up for irrigation, and ready to go. Your support will help us cross the finish line.

Each year, at some point before we begin harvesting, we turn to our community of eaters for support. We ask our customers to sign up for a full season of produce and to pay in advance for that food, to the extent that you are able. The practice is Community Supported Agriculture - a way for all those who will share in what we grow to make it easier for us to meet the up front costs that come with keeping a market garden. We are always moved by the trust and confidence you show by investing in our farm.

The costs at the start of the season are many... seeds, potting soil, soil tests, amendments, compost, heat, power, irrigation fees, new equipment costs, packaging supplies, organic certification, marketing, staff hours! Last year we also renovated our packing area and built a walk-in cooler.

This season, on top of our regular costs, are the substantial costs of finishing the greenhouse project. We are asking folks to sign up for 2018 Organic Deliveries by March 15th and to pay a little sooner than we have in the past. The dividends? Slicing tomatoes, long English cucumbers, bell peppers, and a longer season for greens and other goodies!

Interested in signing up for 2018 Organic Deliveries? Learn all about the program here!