2018 Organic Deliveries: East Shore Pilot

Hi friends,

When we first arrived in the area, we spent a few years house sitting on the East Shore. Even when we were lucky enough to have a garden to tend, we relied on regular trips to Nelson or Creston to keep us stocked up on fresh produce. We seemed to avoid leaving the lakeside and that meant missing farmers’ markets and going stretches with pretty slim pickings!


Since we started growing organic produce three years ago, we have been working to make it as convenient as possible to access our harvest. We deliver most of what we grow directly to people’s homes and work places. Last year, we delivered produce to more than 60 families. We are happy to be feeding most of those folks again this year!


It’s been a goal to extend our service up the Lake and we are finally ready to give it a try. We are aiming to start offering weekly deliveries this June. We hope that you will join in and share the word with friends and neighbours.

If you haven't already, please make sure that you have read about the program.

Thanks for growing with us,

Nigel & Laura


734 35th Avenue North

Creston, BC V0B 1G1

Phone: 250-428-6571





Creston Valley Farmers' Market

Outdoor Markets @ Cook Street


Indoor Markets @ C&DCC


Famous Fritz Meats & Deli

1420 Northwest Boulevard

Creston, V0B 1G6

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