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Wendy and Dale raise their animals from birth on their farm in Wynndel. Farmer's Choice Selections are a great option for fllling your freezer with premium quality local meats. June options are:


Angus Beef

At Goat River Farm, certified Angus cattle are born and raised in open pastures. They are never given growth hormones and would only ever receive antibiotics when absolutely necessary. Cattle live 100% free range on fresh, natural pasture every single day of their lives. They are treated with kindness and customized care to ensure they live happy, stress free lives. You can taste the difference.


Heritage Pork

Wendy and Dale raise Tamworth pigs - a heritage breed that originated in Saskatchewan. Pigs are raised to the highest standard of care, which means that not only is your pork going to be tasty and healthy, but you can also rest assured that the products you are eating come from a farm where the ethical treatment of animals is at the heart of the farming practices. ​

Feed is grown on the farm, which means that the healthiest diet possible can be guaranteed. Grains are grown 100% spray free with no GMO's and are mixed on-site so that rations of vitamins and minerals can be added as necessary.​



Wendy and Dale aim to raise the healthiest sheep and lamb possible in a natural environment where the animals are free to run and roam through open pasture. Lambs are fed Wendy and Dale's own naturally grown alfalfa hay and grass and ewes are sometimes supplemented with a small grain ration at lambing time.


Pastured Chicken

McNamars strive to grow happy, healthy birds. All chicks are first fed a sourced all-veg, antibiotic free starter feed and then switched to Wendy and Dale's own feed, which they grow and mix on-site. This feed consists of grains and pulse crops that are grown 100% spray free with no GMO's. A higher protein crop and vitamins/minerals are sourced to add in to ensure high nutritional content.

Demand for Wendy and Dales meats has ben very high. Orders are subject to availability. We will confirm your order before accepting payment.

Kootenay Natural Meats: Farmers' Choice Meat Selections $65-125

Farmers' Choice
  • Wendy and Dale McNamar embody what small scale farming is all about. At Goat River Farms in Wynndel they strive to raise happy and healthy animals from start to finish in their own naturally managed and grown pastures. They take pride in offering the utmost care and kindness to each animal and enjoy providing the healthiest environment possible for them. Their poultry, Angus beef, heritage pork, lamb, and rabbit are a reflection of their stewardship practices.


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